UD2: Byron Bay Town Centre

The upcoming 2018 International Urban Design Conference will be held at the SMC Conference and Function Centre, Sydney, NSW next month over 12 – 13 November.

The conference will showcase innovations in projects and research embracing and creating transformational change in urban environments.

Joining us at the conference is Ms Jo Kelly, Director at People, Place and Partnership who will present on ‘UD2: Byron Bay Town Centre – How to Implement a Comprehensive Masterplan for an Iconic Town Centre Talking Strategy to Action’.


The Byron Bay Town Centre Masterplan is different. It is an integrated masterplan one that is based on the principles of comprehensive community engagement and a commitment to governance and implementation from the outset. This masterplan is not driven by the land developer’s opportunity sites, it is driven by a place focused assessment of future needs based around community catalyst sites.

Creating a masterplan for the iconic NSW tourist destination, Byron Bay which is visited annually by more than 1.4 million domestic and international tourists and is home to more than 30% of the Shire’s residents, approximately 8,500 people was always going to be a challenge. This masterplan was created around an ambitious commitment to work hand in hand with the community, to understand their aspirations for the future and create a framework that allowed for actions to be implemented incrementally.

Essential to the approach has been the understanding that town centres are constantly evolving and that masterplan strategies should show a commitment to establishing holistic, yet incremental responses to people’s needs.

This masterplan is created based on a 6-point vitality assessment that has community, implementation and governance at its core that takes a closer look at the Public domain, Access, Movement and Transportation,
Built Form and Aesthetics, Economic Development, Culture and Environmental Sustainability.

People, Place and Partnership worked alongside the lead designers McGregor Coxall to create a place making approach that allowed for community ownership, activation and community leadership to drive the masterplan delivery.

This presentation will share with you these insights on how to take the plan from idea to implementation from one of Australia’s most iconic destinations and follows the journey from the 2014 start, to what has been implemented as 2018 concludes.


Current Position – Director People Place and Partnership Pty Ltd Qualifications & Affiliations – Bachelor of Urban Planning (Hons), University of New England Expertise Areas • Strategic Planning • Place Planning • Masterplans • Place Making, Place Activation • Stakeholder communications and engagement • Community, stakeholder and technical facilitation Jo is a Director of People, Place and Partnership who has had an extensive and broad career in urban planning, master planning, large infrastructure projects and community development. For the last 20 years Jo has spent working on large scale masterplans to assist transition cities and key communities in renewal programs.

Jo has varied experience and has developed highly refined skills in facilitation, strategic thinking, project management and delivery. She is intent on looking for innovative solutions to problems and believes in delivering outputs and outcomes that are of an extremely high quality. With her diverse background in local and state government, private sector both in Australia and within Europe she brings a comprehensive insight to best practice and innovation in the tools and techniques applied in projects. Jo is an industry leader in engagement, strategic communications, governance and implementation frameworks.

She has developed strategic engagement and communication solutions efficiently and effectively that ensure successful delivery of high profile and at times contentious projects. Jo has been instrumental in the award-winning master planning projects for Parramatta City Centre, Bryon Bay Town Centre, Springwood Town Centre where she has worked alongside McGregor Coxall.

For more information on the 2018 International Urban Design Conference and to secure your spot visit the conference website at urbandesignaustralia.com.au


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