Planning Melbourne with 3D Virtual Environments

Melbourne’s ongoing growth and intensification is forcing a more holistic evaluation of built form outcomes in terms of public realm and amenity. Correspondingly, the Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) has recognised the need for more efficient and engaging planning processes.

With Urban Circus’ support, the DPCD has developed a virtual 3D environment of Greater Melbourne to accelerate the assessment process, increase engagement and reduce costs. The 3D virtual environment enables visual engagement. It allows planners, politicians and the public to present, see and review proposals quickly, without strong technical skills.

Key to its success is the capability to assess high fidelity scenarios from any point, modify the building forms in real-time, in combination with a user-friendly interface. Use of the platform is reducing costs for both the planning authorities and development applicants. Proposals are presented digitally, slotted into the base model, and assessed in a collaborative manner.

The City Model also captures the work of State Government (>25,000sqm) proposals. This shared database assists in reducing risk, and enables integrated decision-making between statutory authorities. It has become a quick and easy tool for professionals reviewing proposals across the city, enabling a comparison of existing permits and sites under consideration. DPCD has found that the amenable use of the modelling experience provides the catalyst for more meaningful design-based discussions. Fundamental urban design issues are made clearly visible to stakeholders, natural increasing engagement with the process and outcomes. The presentation will demonstrate how this cutting edge platform is being utilised by the State Government to save time and money, promote creative thinking and better design outcomes, and show the way for future planning tools.

The 6th International Urban Design Conference warmly welcomes Dr Ben Guy of Urban Circus who will be presenting at the conference next week 9-11 September at the Novotel Sydney Olympic Park along with his co-author, Ms Tania Crisafi of Department of Planning and Community Development.

Dr Guy is the CEO and founder at Urban Circus, where he works with project teams to leverage 3D virtual environments. By introducing visual facilitation early and often, Ben and his team enable efficiencies in projects and planning. This includes clear communication, disambiguation, and a process to empower better design outcomes. This process is proving successful across industries. Advantages include bringing projects to market sooner, leveraging value, and providing certainty and clarity to clients and stakeholders. In its ninth year of incorporation, Urban Circus is Australia’s largest independent 3D Virtual Environment specialist. Speaking Highlights Recently, Ben has been engaged to speak to industry professionals and governments at: the Built Environment Meets Parliament Summit; Australian Logistics Forum; Roads Australia Summit; Queensland Transport Infrastructure Summit; and Victorian Transport Infrastructure Summit.

Ms Tania Crisafi Senior Planner, Statutory Approvals Department of Planning and Community Development Tania has a strong disciplinary background in planning and urban design and has been in a statutory planning role for central Melbourne for over 11 years. Her current role at the Department of Planning and Community Development includes providing advice to the Minister for Planning for applications in excess of 25,000 square metres, and regarding planning scheme amendments for Melbourne. To date she has assisted in the approval of over $3 billion worth of development on behalf of the State of Victoria including multi-building projects valued at $800 million. 3D modelling is an intrinsic part of all assessments and Tania manages this process with developers and Councils.

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