Parking Pleasure: How do you use parking to transform towns into places people love?

How do you use parking to transform towns into places people love?  By marrying the traditional ingredients of parking and place-making to create a suite of 21st century ‘park-in-place’ city strategies where the bemoaned vehicle now plays an important role in creating cities for people.

The unlikely combination of parking and place-making has been the focus of significant research and the winning of projects for RobertsDay over the last three years.

Beginning with an overview in global trends and innovations, including the success of San Francisco’s real time, user pay smart technology to Los Angeles’s employer paid parking schemes, RD Principal Stephen Moore will explain the hidden cost of parking, its impact and how this can be used to leverage sustainable change.

To demonstrate the potential of ‘park-in-place’ city strategies in Australia, a range of projects will follow including how a hybrid parking structure launched an arts district; how discovering the hidden costs of parking has saved a city centre over $100 million; how a car park may be transformed into a mixed-use waste-to-energy plant; parking in ‘car-free’ precincts, and how tactical interventions and retail surveys are dispelling preconceived ideas about the relationship between shops, parking and profit.

Stephen will provide a practical framework for understanding how ‘park-in-place’ city strategies can benefit your city or town in his presentation at the 7th International Urban Design Conference being held at the InterContinental, Adelaide from Monday the 1st to Wednesday 3rd of September 2014…

Stephen-MooreStephen Moore is a Principal of Robertsday, based in Sydney.  As creative director and lead designer on major projects in Australia and abroad, Stephen believes great places can be profitable and playful.  Projects with his involvement have received a variety of awards, including the Australian Award for Urban Design Excellence and Royal Australian Institute (NSW) Premier’s Award.  Stephen also co-leads RobertsDay’s research and development unit.

Alongside his practice commitments, Stephen has taught at the University of New South Wales and Sydney University.

He is also a frequent public speaker with invitations including the keynote address at the Mackay Developer’s Summit, PIA’s Congress Highlights and Ideas Bombing Sydney. Stephen’s thinking on the future of cities exists in a variety of media, including The Financial Review and Trending City. At ACNU 2010, Stephen was invited to lead a master class in Adelaide.  In 2012, Stephen was recognized in The Fifth Estate as one of Sydney’s most influential designers and planners.  In 2013, Sydney City Council invited Stephen to join its Cultural Sector Forum.  In 2014, Stephen was invited by the ACT Government and Danish Embassy to give the key address on Cities For Tomorrow.


If you would like to join the discussion with Stephen and over 70 other speakers at the 7th International Urban Design Conference, visit the website to register.