“UrbanAgiNation” urbanisation | agitation | imagination, 6th International Urban Design Conference – Sydney Aust

The 6th International Urban Design Conference will be held at the Novotel Sydney Olympic Park from Monday the 9th to Wednesday 11th of September 2013.

The provisional program is now available and features over 60 interactive and objective sessions, 9 keynote presentations and a Q&A moderated forum. There are also three study tours of Sydney Olympic Park available.

The way our cities develop to accommodate future growth and change will be critical to maintaining their status as some of the best cities in the world. Join the debate and network with like minded peers! 

Delegates will have access to the conference “Book of Proceedings” and podcasts following the conference.

You can visit the conference website for more information and a copy of the program.

Sarah Hurst – Urban Design Australia Secretariat

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Catalyst – Infrastructure | Urban Design | Public Realm

Catalyst Infrastructure | Urban Design | Public Realm Complexities in Urban growth and development are numerous and varied.

The intersection of these complexities – the natural environment, infrastructure, the built environment, development of housing, and the public realm of society may provide the key to provision of higher levels of social amenity within contrasting modes of urban governance.

With many conflicting agendas in the delivery of civil and civic infrastructure it is increasingly evident that opportunities need to be explored over and above the normative standards approach through placing a value on the user and public experience within infrastructure, to aid higher quality Urban Design outcomes.

David will seek to explore the intersection of Urban Design and Infrastructure. When the process’ are combined as a collaborative – infrastructure can be used as a catalyst in provision of social amenity, places to play, reflect, enjoy, participate, communicate, connect and relate within society and enhance the public realm of our cities.

Mr David Lennox, Associate Urban Designer and Architect, HASSELL, QLD will speak at the 5th International Urban Design Conference – The Hilton on the Park, Melbourne, Australia from the 10th to the 12th of September – 2012

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