Place Planning Quest: Collaboration in the Process of Creating a Vision and Delivering an Outcome

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Ms Evy Anwar, Urban Designer at Northern Beaches Council will be attending this year’s event, discussing “How to communicate the ‘trade-off’ to create better places”.

Evy Anwar

Highlight of presentation:
• Place planning process focuses on the creation and evolution of places rather than a traditional land use-based structure planning.
• Place planning process led by a division called ‘Place Management’ which oversees the mechanism and synergy of places.
• A series of programs were created as part of community engagement and education about creative placemaking, how to address future challenges, and being involved in the creation of a liveable community.


• To promote a more inclusive way of planning future places
• To appeal to a wider section of audiences in the new trends of creating and building towards liveable communities
• To capitalise new infrastructure investments such as better public transport (the B-Line)
• To create more people friendly places rather than a ‘car-oriented’ destination


• Extensive community engagement programs: discussions involving local and international experts, workshops, walking tours, placemaking events, etc
• Evidence-based analysis using urban infometric and traffic modelling to focus on creating better people spaces


• Place plan scenario includes behavioural and gradual lifestyle changes as well as the exploration of new ways in conducting day to day activities
• A variety of temporary intervention was incorporated as part of the place planning process to disrupt the usual approach in interpreting and using public spaces


• Deeper understanding about what is required for developing better places. Notwithstanding some people may still have difficulties to accept the ‘trade-off’ required to improve the quality of spaces.

Conclusion of the work:
• Gradual changes and temporary interventions can be more palatable for communities which uphold a certain lifestyle. Stronger support and direction from the government is crucial on long term commitments and solving the bigger planning issues such as addressing housing affordability.
• The place planning process needs to fulfill the requirements of our planning system therefore Place Plan must be adaptable as a ‘master plan’.


The 2017 International Urban Design Conference is an opportunity for design professionals to exchange ideas and experiences, to be creative and visionary and to contribute to redesigning our urban futures.

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