Do we get the maximum value from our urban environment in SEQ?

The Urban Developer

Do we get the maximum value from our urban environment in South East Queensland? The team at Scotty Valentine Design have taken on this question to develop a concept for the South East Queensland of 2031 and for the continued liveability and economic prosperity of the future.

We’ve developed an innovative concept that explores tourism opportunities in South East Queensland, exclusively for the SEQ Regional Plan Review. We’ve called our concept FLEXURBAN, a conceptual set of ideas for the development of our region to benefit the people of South East Queensland by creating flexible connections from our major port infrastructure, to our communities and our natural tourism resources.


Connecting South East Queensland

FLEXURBAN proposes to connect all international airports to each other via a high speed rail link to drive more value out of our existing port infrastructure and to link our best tourism destinations, which would drive the growth of visitors to our region and the ability for visitors to enjoy world class tourism destinations minutes from our cities and airports. The implementation of a faster commuter rail and additional light rail systems connecting valuable coastal communities to airports, high speed rail and second tier cities will offer growth opportunities outside of our city centre creating a flexible city that spans the region. It will offer all who live and visit South East Queensland easy access to exciting destinations to grow, live and enjoy.

Growing Our Communities Responsibly

Our study on the Moreton Bay region highlighted the need for 91,000 dwellings by 2031 (that’s dwellings not people). To continue to develop as we have in the past and present could have catastrophic effects on our natural environment and our economy.

Read the full article from The Urban Developer here.


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