Greater Sydney Commission unveils detailed plan for city’s future

An ambitious 40-year vision for Sydney that aims to change the structure of the city has been unveiled by the overarching planning body, the Greater Sydney Commission.

The 40-year vision called Towards our Greater Sydney 2056 is a draft amendment to the current Greater Sydney Region Plan. Within that vision, the commission is also preparing 20-year plans for the six districts it has created within Sydney.

The plan includes creating a satellite city in Western Sydney around the new airport to be built at Badgerys Creek. It would be one of three major centres in Sydney — East Sydney, the current CBD area; central Sydney, based around Parramatta; and the western city. Chief commissioner Lucy Turnbull said the new airport will revolutionise the way people in far west will live and work.

“The new city will be based around the existing areas of Camden, Campbelltown, Liverpool and Penrith, which we call our string of pearls,” she said. “The airport will be the anchor for many, many jobs across many, many sectors and underpin the growth of these string of pearls.”

The plan also included creating 817,000 jobs and 792,000 homes within the next 20 years, and a vision that would see people working within 30 minutes of where they live. It also anticipated that the city’s population would rise to six million by 2036, and eight million by 2056.

What the plan says will make a greater Sydney

  • Three major cities created within greater Sydney
  • Parramatta is the central city NOT the CBD
  • Stop the concentration of job growth in the CBD
  • People to work within 30 minutes of where they live
  • Affordable rental housing target of 5-10 per cent for low-income households in all new developments
  • New airport at Badgerys Creek to be used to grow economy and population, generating 34,000 jobs in 20 years

Ms Turnbull said the city needed to be reimagined. “We’ve collaborated with the community, peak interest groups, businesses, and all levels of government to build concrete plans to make those places greater.”

A map of the Sydney districts proposed by the Greater Sydney Commission
The Greater Sydney Commission has re-imagined Sydney as six distinct districts, which they say will inform local council planning. (Greater Sydney Commission)

Greater Sydney Commission chief executive officer Sarah Hill said the six specific District Plans worked in conjunction with other major plans for the city such as the WestConnex motorway project and the rejuvenation of the eternal bottleneck, Parramatta Road.

“Absolutely key to that is our work with other government agencies such as education and transport for New South Wales to make sure that everything is aligned in those plans and that vision and that direction for Greater Sydney all comes together in one spot,” she said.

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