Introducing Mr Hugh Gardner, Senior City Planner at Arup.

Hugh Gardner is a senior city planner in Arup’s landscape and urban team. In 2013, Hugh presented the International Urban Design Conference with a vision for future regenerative cities that might move beyond the current understanding of sustainability. The thinking was developed in partnership with Prof. Peter Newman. The last few years have seen this thinking shape Hugh’s metropolitan strategy work with cities around Australia, including Canberra.

Mr Hugh Gardner
Mr Hugh Gardner

Hugh’s 2016 presentation will explore Canberra’s future form in the context of two recent Arup pieces led by Hugh, the city’s statement of ambition and the smart city opportunity assessment.

After an overview of Canberra’s stated directions of travel and their importance to the future city form, conference participants will be asked to consider the relationship between the statement of ambition and Canberra’s future as a smart city on the world stage.

The upcoming 9th International Urban Design Conference will be held at Hyatt Canberra from Monday 7 November to Wednesday 9 November 2016. For more information on the 9th International Urban Design Conference please visit the Conference Website.



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