Introducing Mr David Vago , Director at Habit8

The upcoming 9th International Urban Design Conference will be held at Hyatt Canberra from Monday 7 November to Wednesday 9 November 2016. Joining us are presenters from 7 countries including Australia, China, Denmark, Hong Kong, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States.

Mr David Vago, Director at Habit8.
Mr David Vago, Director at Habit8.

Mr David Vago , Director at Habit8 joins us at the upcoming International Urban Design Conference and will discuss  ‘Obecity: what is a smart edible city?’

Should the city be an optimised “panopticon”, (as smart city technology grows) or a melting pot of cultures, ideas and  food production born from grass roots humanism? What does our quest for technology integration mean to the organic growth , health and sustainability of our cities?  Habit8 through its ideas generation think tank will demonstrate the correlation of smart city technology with successful edible and functional urban spaces exploring how new age smart tech can balance smart organics thus producing sustainable city precincts that ultimately solve social issues such as social disconnection, depression, homelessness, an ageing population, housing affordability and the obesity epidemic.

David Vago is an influencer and futurist. He is known for his contribution to place making and landscape architecture but he contributes equal value to a range of other industries. David’s ability to think fast and strategically has helped numerous businesses develop with maximum exposure, authentic content and funky branding. Having created numerous start-ups and having run professional consultancies for over 13 years, David has those rare adaptive skills that makes him a valuable member of any organisation and in particular the City making fraternity.

David has used his exceptional people skills, management ability and creativity to branch out into a range of business areas outside the urban realm to which his formal qualifications relate.  It is in these areas that David adds unique value to industry urban design projects and is an asset to communities where ideas, creative flare, place branding, place activation and experiential marketing alongside good landscape architecture produce successful places. His ideas are plentiful and his work is diverse. Over the last 5 years his ideas have captured the media and publics’ imagination with a variety of speculative and conceptual city making proposals some of which have influenced Government at a local, State and Federal level. David currently runs place-making, urban design and landscape architecture firm Habit8 which has offices in Sydney, Byron Bay, the Sunshine Coast, Poland and Bali.

For more information on the 9th International Urban Design Conference please visit the Conference Website.



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