Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand Launches

Smart Cities Australia and New Zealand develop smart, sustainable cities
Australia and New Zealand develop smart, sustainable cities

Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand has launched. It’s part of the growing Smart Cities Council global network of Smart Cities practitioners. The Council’s goal is to make cities liveable, and more sustainable.

Jesse Berst, the Chairman of Smart Cities Council Global acknowledged the sustained efforts in Australia and New Zealand to understand and use technology to develop smart, sustainable cities as reported by The Urban Developer.

“Launching the Council in Australia and New Zealand is the next step in the region’s contribution to solving global problems of climate change and the need to innovate to resolve inequality and deliver economic development,” Mr Berst says.

“Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand has been positioned as a market accelerator and advisor. Through advocacy and action, capacity building and knowledge sharing, we hope to shape a common language for the market, and support projects, policies and plans that harness the benefits of digital technology and intelligent design,” Mr Berst adds.

Adam Beck is the founding Executive Director for the region. Formerly Director of Innovation at Portland-based think tank EcoDistricts, and prior Executive Director at the Green Building Council of Australia, Mr Beck has a solid reputation in the sustainable cities movement in Australia.

Adam was uniquely impressed with the Smart Cities Council efforts in India, Europe and the USA and resolved to develop a Council uniquely positioned to accelerate the smart cities marketplace in Australia and New Zealand. Adam sees real advantages to being part of the world’s largest network of smart cities practitioners.

“Adam’s depth of experience in city-building, collaboration and helping to build mission-driven organisations is exceptional. His deep knowledge in market transformation practices and sustainable community development will be a significant benefit not only to the Australia New Zealand smart cities market place, but in other regions as well,” Mr Berst says.

Mr Beck says the Council’s first task is to develop and publish a readiness guide for the region.

“The time has come to build on existing successes and unleash the full potential of the smart cities movement here in the region, to apply digital technology and intelligent design practices to build the best cities we can, for our communities to thrive and prosper,” Mr Beck says. to read more click here.

The 9th International Urban Design Conference; Smart Cities for 21st Century Australia – How urban design innovation can change our cities  will be held at Hyatt Canberra from 7th-8th November 2016 with optional tours available on Wednesday 9th November.

Registrations are now open. CLICK HERE to register for the Conference. Early bird closes 26th September 2016 so be quick to receive a discounted rate.

This years’ theme, will focus on an understanding of what makes a city ‘smart’ from a urban design perspective and how the built environment develops during the city planning process.


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