International urban design competition

International urban design Competition
International Urban Design Competition launched by Randwick Council

International urban design: A design competition on an international scale has been launched by Randwick City Council.

The council are seeking new and innovative urban design ideas for two of their town centres, Kensington and Kingsford.  As these centres grow and develop, the council hope for strategic design and a manageable and sustainable growth plan to result in a creative transformation.

The international urban design competition, K2K Urban Design, which will be constructed in two stages, came about after a Randwick City draft issues paper identified that the local area will see a staggering increase in residents with an additional 36,500 by 2031. Stage one sees expressions of interest being sought from teams and practices with skills extending to all major design themes including architecture, transport planning, urban design and growth and community consolation and planning. Stage two will take place when up to four finalists are shortlisted and a jury will proceed forward in the competition.

Linked along the major road of Anzac Parade in Sydney’s south-east CBD, the two town centres are a part of the proposed line for the CBD light rail that is currently under construction. With the light rail due to be completed in 2019, changes are already starting to be made to accommodate for the development that will need to follow to accommodate the dramatic residential increase.

With a prize pool of $300,000, entrants must register by the 13th of July and show all expressions of interest by the 15th of July. Competitors will have until the 16th of September to submit their ideas to the competition and winners will be announced on the 17th of October.

For more information on this international urban design completion click here.

The 9th International Urban Design Conference; Smart Cities for 21st Century Australia – How urban design innovation can change our cities  will be held at Hyatt Canberra from 7th-8th November 2016 with optional tours available on Wednesday 9th November.

Registrations are now open. CLICK HERE to register for the Conference. Early bird closes 26th September 2016 so be quick to receive a discounted rate.

This years’ theme, will focus on an understanding of what makes a city ‘smart’ from a urban design perspective and how the built environment develops during the city planning process.


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