How to address big challenges for smart cities

smart city designThe notion of the “smart city” has been gaining attention around the world. Also called the “wired”, “networked” or “ubiquitous” city, the “smart city” is the latest in a long line of catch-phrases, referring to the development of technology-based urban systems for driving efficient city management and economic growth.

These can be anything from city-wide public wifi systems to the provision of smart water meters in individual homes. Any feature which uses information and communication technologies to make a city more efficient or more accessible, is said to come under the umbrella of the “smart city” as reported by

Most technologists and engineers are busy investigating how to build smart cities, and what features to give them. But it’s also important to ask who gets to live in them, and what it means to be a citizen of a smart city.

Smart cities are for people, and citizenship cannot be determined by algorithms. Active citizenship should be allowed to flourish in the smart city through critical thought, ongoing debate and non-violent forms of dissent.

We need to move beyond smart cities which are defined solely by economic or software parameters. For the good of the next generation, let us make the smart city movement truly revolutionary and radical – let us leave a lasting legacy on the issues of rights, justice and citizenship. To read more click here.

The 9th International Urban Design Conference will be held at Hyatt Canberra from Monday 7th-8th November 2016 with optional tours available on Wednesday 9th November.

Registrations are now open. CLICK HERE to register for the Conference.

This years’ theme, Smart Cities for 21st Century Australia – How urban design innovation can change our cities”  will focus on an understanding of what makes a city ‘smart’ from a urban design perspective and how the built environment develops during the city planning process.

Authors or organisations interested in presenting at the 9th International Urban Design Conference are invited to submit an abstract. To submit an abstract CLICK HERE.


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