Urban Design practice in a high- density area

Dr Naomi Uchida, Associate Professor at Saitama University, Japan will present ‘A Discussion of “After” with Community: Urban Design practice in a high- density area’ at the 8th International Urban Design Conference which will be held at the Sofitel Brisbane from Monday 16 November to Wednesday 18 November 2015.

Abstract: High-density areas in Tokyo, Japan have problems of narrow street patterns and segmentalized small plots with high land value and the risk of devastating earthquakes. The high risk of earthquakes pushes governments to promote urban reform projects such as street-widening projects. This paper outlines the urban design process collaborating with a community, professionals, and government in Nakano ward, Tokyo, one of the densest residential areas in Japan. They have discussed how landowners can rebuild after street widening project from 6-meter to 14-meter wide, on a 500-meter-long shopping street.

The Conference program also includes presentations on the operation of an urban design practice, industry standards and the Urban Design Profession.

This years’ Conference streams include:

  • Building inclusive multicultural cities
  • Eco cities
  • Health & urban design
  • Higher density urbanism
  • Spatial / temporal changes in Chinese cities
  • Rapid urban development in South East Asia, China & India
  • Balancing the quick and slow formation of cities
  • Using technology to change how cities work
  • How will big data change the future of cities?
  • Urban Design Practice

For more information on this years’ 8th International Urban Design Conference and to secure your registration to this fantastic event please visit the conference website.


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