Exploring high density and high quality urban livable environments for Singapore

The 8th International Urban Design Conference welcomes Assistant Professor Oscar Carracedo Garcia-Villalba from the National University of Singapore. Mr Carracedo Garcia-Villalba will discuss ‘Exploring high density and high quality urban livable environments for Singapore’.

Mr Carracedo Garcia-Villalba
Mr Carracedo Garcia-Villalba

Abstract: It is unquestionable that the urban planning model and policies implemented in Singapore over the last fifty years have been very successful, transforming a third-world country into one of the most developed, green and efficient cities in the world.

In the 60’s Singapore adopted the British New Town and the Garden City approach to plan its neighborhoods, integrating residential areas with a town center, parks, communal facilities, commercial and industrial activities. However, although the approach has been maintained during these years, and Singapore is still called “A city in the Garden” full of New Towns, the city has experienced an evolution towards a more responsive model to the changing needs. But, has this evolution led Singapore to become a livable city? Is it still a garden? Is the urban model efficient, people friendly and people oriented?

In 2013, the Singapore government formulated two key documents. On the one hand, the Population White Paper: A Sustainable Population for a Dynamic Singapore, which projected a possible population range of 6.5 to 6.9 million by 2030 to address the country demographic challenge , and on the other the Land Use Plan to Support Singapore’s Future Population, which envisions the urban spaces and infrastructures with the strategy of preserving a high quality living environment and creating one of the most liveable cities in the world .

For more information on the 8th International Urban Design Conference this November or to register please visit the conference website.


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