Beyond the Podium: Urban Spaces for Tall Buildings in a Subtropical City

The 8th International Urban Design Conference welcomes Caroline Stalker, Director at Architectus Brisbane to discuss ‘Beyond the Podium: Urban Spaces for Tall Buildings in a Subtropical City’.

Abstract: The tower and podium form is a widely accepted typology for urban intensification across the globe. However in the subtropics it may not be the ideal device for creating a sustainable urbanism, where architectural principles of porosity to light, air and breezes, and integration of landscape experience are favoured.

Brisbane City Council forecasts that in the next 20 years floor space demands will translate into 50 new tall buildings in our very compact city centre. Through a re-thinking of the podium form, these 50 new buildings could have a transformative impact on the urban spaces of our city. Learning from the very practical adaptations to climate and locale of the vernacular architecture, the paper proposes a series of typologies for urban spaces at the base of tall buildings that are well-adapted to our subtropical city, signposting a more ecologically oriented approach to creating 21st century cities.

Caroline Stalker

Bio: Caroline Stalker is a Director of Architectus Brisbane. An architect and urban designer, she is a skilled designer, communicator and leader of teams for complex architectural and master planning projects. Her career spans 26 years and a range of project types, including master planning cities and town centres, universities and schools, and architectural design of public spaces, public and community buildings, mixed use developments, multi-residential and aged care/retirement living. Throughout her career Caroline has demonstrated a sustained passion for enhancing people’s connection to the natural world and each other through design – this has been recognised through numerous architecture and planning awards. As a Director of Architectus Brisbane she is jointly responsible for leading one of Brisbane’s most successful design practices. Caroline has served on and chaired numerous awards juries in architecture and urban design, is an Honorary Life Fellow of the Urban Design Alliance of Queensland, a member of The Queensland Board for Urban Places, and an Adjunct Professor in the School of Design, Creative Industries Faculty at the Queensland University of Technology.

For more information on this years’ 8th International Urban Design Conference and to secure your tickets to this fantastic event please visit the conference website.


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