A Sustainable City is an Inclusive City: Collaborative Planning and Universal Design

Mr Geoff Barker, Principal at PM+D Architects in Perth will discuss  ‘A Sustainable City is an Inclusive City:  Collaborative Planning and Universal Design’ at this year’s 8th International Urban Design Conference.

Geoff Barker
Geoff Barker

Abstract: Our Cities are more than a package of zonings, buildings and infrastructure; they are places of human activity of many types and objectives intertwined with challenges, experiences, hopes and dreams. While there have been, and are still perhaps, instances where the planning process has been mystified and dominated by bureaucrats and professionals, there is now increasing acceptance that an inclusive development process is a way of recognising that the city is our collective responsibility and that its use and function is a product of people of all abilities and status and their use, adaptation, modification or abandonment of it as a whole or in part. An inclusive process typically embraces a collaborative methodology of “engagement”, from the beginning of a project, involving a broad range of stakeholders not merely professional expertise.

For more information on the 8th International Urban Design Conference being held in Melbourne over 16 -18 November 2015 please click here.


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