Reassembling The City: Reinventing the Technologies of Demolition

At the 8th International Urban Design Conference, Dr Peter Armstrong, Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture Design and Planning, University of Sydney will discuss ‘Reassembling The City: Reinventing the Technologies of Demolition’.

Peter Armstrong
Peter Armstrong

Abstract: While European concepts link building to site as a single financial entity, Tokyo is a disposable city where only the land is permanent and buildings are consumables. Japanese traditional construction systems are based on complex wood joints which provide strength and rigidity. The consequence of this system is that while buildings are assembled, they may also be dis-assembled, facilitating the process of demolition, portability, resale and re-use. A dismantled building could be removed with ease to another site with its structure, fabric, fixings and fittings. The corollary of this cultural attitude was that only the land was important, to be held intact and handed down from generation to generation. The buildings were expendable.

Change has always been endemic in CBD areas. Economic pressure for the demolition of towers which were once symbols of corporate grandeur has emerged as a determinant in the development process. Exponential change in office environment has accelerated the processes of obsolescence. Business practice, data management and the social organisation of office space have altered the size and form of floor plates. The rising price of site and floor space demands greater returns which in turn place pressure on the regulatory structures of central area planning processes.

About the 8th International Urban Design Conference 

The Conference will be held at the Sofitel Brisbane from Monday 16 November to Wednesday 18 November 2015. Wednesday 18 being optional walking tours.

This years’ theme titled Empowering Change: Transformative Innovations and Projects will focus on inspirational changes in urban environments. The Conference program will include presentations on the operation of an urban design practice, industry standards and the Urban Design Profession.

Conference streams include:

  • Building inclusive multicultural cities
  • Eco cities
  • Health & urban design
  • Higher density urbanism
  • Spatial / temporal changes in Chinese cities
  • Rapid urban development in South East Asia, China & India
  • Balancing the quick and slow formation of cities
  • Using technology to change how cities work
  • How will big data change the future of cities?
  • Urban Design Practice

For more information, and to register, please visit the website here.



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