Submit Your Abstract Today – Empowering Change: Transformative Innovations and Projects

brisbane webAbstract submissions are now open for the 8th International Urban Design Conference being held at the Sofitel Brisbane, 16 November – 18 November 2015.

This years’ theme titled “Empowering Change: Transformative Innovations and Projects” will focus on inspirational changes in urban environments.

Across the globe cities are forming and re-forming rapidly.  Progressive projects in cities around the world are addressing pressing issues of climate change, economic stability, social equality and sustainable resource use.

This conference will showcase these innovations and projects which embrace and create transformational change in urban environments, ranging from the modest but high impact idea to the new eco-city, from technological experimentation to multicultural cities, from the use of big data to physical city making.

The conference program will also include presentations on the operation of an urban design practice, industry standards and the Urban Design Profession.

Conference streams will include but not be limited to:

  • Building inclusive multicultural cities
  • Eco cities
  • Health & Urban Design
  • Higher Density Urbanism
  • Spatial/Temporal Changes in Chinese Cities
  • Rapid urban development in South East Asia, China & India
  • Balancing the quick and slow formation of cities
  • Using technology to change how cities work
  • How will big data change the future of cities?
  • Urban Design Practice

Please visit the conference website to submit your paper.


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