No more: Four by two house on a big block

Modern lift to freshen Perth

New migrants and Generation Ys are changing the face of Perth by forcing authorities to provide different forms of housing closer to the city centre and key suburban centres, according to WA Planning Commission head Eric Lumsden.

In an exclusive interview with The Weekend West , Mr Lumsden said large sections of the community, including younger generations and new Australians, were no longer looking for the “four by two house on a big block“.

“The young want to be time rich – they don’t want to waste their time travelling,” Mr Lumsden said.

“They want to be close to their work, close to their friends and close to their parents.

“At the same time, they are not that interested in maintaining a garden or maintaining a big house.

“So, in essence, they are looking for smaller homes closer to employment hubs like the CBD.

“And like migrants who were used to living in medium-density housing, young people are generally happy to live in apartments and multiunit developments.”

Perth’s sprawl is considered among the biggest in the world.

Read the full story by Kent Acott, The West Australian, 16 November 2014.


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