Street Party! Car no longer king

The Prospect Road corridor underwent a $3.4 million upgrade. Photo: City of Prospect

Landscape architect Lisel Ashby (Registered Landscape Architect, Jensen Planning + Design) recently presented a conference paper at the 7th International Urban Design Conference titled Street Party – How Innovative and Integrated Transport and Urban Design is Producing Results in Adelaide’s Streets. This is a great follow up story – congratulations Lisel.

A pedestrian-friendly approach to urban design is transforming some of Adelaide’s streetscapes into thriving community and commercial hubs.

Landscape architect Lisel Ashby told a recent urban design conference that a tough business environment had helped force a rethink about the role of city streets.

“Traditionally, a street was defined purely by its transport function,” she said.

“But I think we reached a point where we needed to take a step back and think about things a little bit differently.

“The environment on our streets was really bad – trade and retail were really struggling. I think it had reached a real tipping point.”

Since 2011, Ashby’s Adelaide firm, Jensen Planning and Design, has adopted principles contained in the State Government-commissioned Streets for People Compendium in its re-design of Prospect Road, and Leigh and Bank streets in the CBD.

Read the full story by Dan Jervis-Bardy, Indaily Adelaide Independent News, 19 September 2014.


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