Sign of the Times: Thoughts on Current Architectural Photography

The Urban Design Australia Blog recently spoke with Kevin Anderson of 31
Chameleon Photography to get his thoughts on the current state of photography in relation to the architecture industry.

Exterior and interior architectural photography has always been a passion, the form, function and design of buildings and places produce challenging environments to capture for a client.

To fully realise the aesthetic and realistic representation of the architect’s vision takes time, skill and effort on the part of any photographer. When these challenges are met, great satisfaction can be gained from the work produced.18

Working with and for architects and designers to represent their vision is a collaborative
process as they are the artistic ‘owners’ of the project and generally know the best angles and features to show.

Having an experienced photographer can open up new possibilities, through the use of different lighting techniques or even post processing techniques. Technologies are forever changing, both in the design of architecture and the ways of capturing them on ‘film’.

Times are becoming tougher to make a living from any kind of photography. Many prospective clients have very expensive digital cameras and some do not see the value of paying someone to do something they could do themselves.

It can be difficult to overcome this view in some sectors but thankfully architects,
planners and designers still recognise the need for true professional images.3

My hope for the future is that there will always be a place for professional specialists.

Kevin was the official photographer at the recent 7th International Urban Design Conference in Adelaide. To view the image gallery, please visit our Facebook Page.

Chameleon Photography, specialises in architectural and commercial photography.
Based in Adelaide, our clients range from local South Australian firms through to international companies, in all sectors of public and private enterprise and all forms of media.

Images copyright of Chameleon Photography.


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