Do we need more smart machines for living?

In the 21st century, cities will need to be more ‘smart machines for living’ where public and private transport, landscape, buildings and infrastructure integrate and where utility and market place is mediated by design for people.

sashaSasha Ivanovich, Director of SIA Architects and AURA Urban & Regional Alliance, a practicing architect and urban designer with over 20 years experience will deliver his presentation “The Australian City in the 21st Century” at this year’s 7th International Urban Design Conference in Adelaide next month.

In Australia, the cost of infrastructure, every increasing distance of travel from home to work, economy of health, cost of pollution, energy consumption and sheer inconvenience will be driving the economic analysis Australian cities to densification. The search for alternative energy sources, reduction of infrastructure costs /densification has brought out a new approach in a re-vision our cities calling for appropriate practical solutions.

One of most radical models of a 21st century city to be is Masdar, a fossil fuel free city of 50,000 people, to rise on the outskirts of Abhu Dabi that promises a radical model for a 21st century city, shifting city planning from the implicit dependence on the motor car and proposing a carbon neutral design- for-climate city model and development program.

By contrast, the port city of Fremantle Western Australia, is a typical Australian city with a rich history and mixed demography, extensive heritage building stock and car oriented past, beginning to address livability and the making of high quality urban spaces for people. With Masdar as reference and AURA’s Urban Alliance latest propositions for Fremantle CBD, this paper will trace recent urban renewal initiatives in Fremantle, promising to bring the City to the forefront of urban renewal in Australia.

Sasha’s presentation will interrogate where urban renewal in Australia is heading in the context of climate change and commercial imperatives that will impact on the overreaching vision of an ideal 21st century city for Australia.


To view the full program and register visit the Conference website


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