Will tactical urbanism transform urban planning?

David Week, Co-Founder, Cities without Citizens will examine the known weaknesses in traditional urban planning and the social and technological changes which have both driven and enabled tactical urbanism.  He will then examine the question: Is tactical urbanism just a fad or an historical blip, or a possible harbinger of a new form of city-making tailored to a future of more democratic, equitable, fast-paced and flexible cities?

The 7th International Urban Design Conference will be held at the InterContinental, Adelaide from Monday the 1st to Wednesday 3rd of September 2014.

The conference “Designing Productive Cities” will explore the framework required for creating today’s cities, the process of designing and shaping our cities to make them more functional, attractive and sustainable.

  • Over 70 presenters
  • 3 study tours
  • Attendee only access to the Podcast archive after the conference
  • Book of Proceedings with selected peer and non peer reviewed papers available to all delegates at no charge
  • The Deputy Premier of SA – welcome to Adelaide function included in Registration.

You can see the full program here

Conference supported by:




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