“You can’t do that here!” – Place Management, the challenges that lie ahead

Mr Stuart Heseltine, Principal, Hemisphere Design has recently completed a twenty four month study for the Local Government Authority (SA) where he has explored the potential to introduce a model of ‘participatory governance’ which would deliver a new paradigm in how Councils ‘do business’.

Effective Place Management is more than merely delivering a design outcome, it is a process where sustainable mechanisms are put in place through partnerships to realise and manage the place product. Place management is implemented in numerous ways, however all best practice examples of managed places involve successful partnerships underpinned by a sense of real collaboration, where the local businesses and residential community see themselves with an inclusive role and shared responsibility for the delivery of outcomes

Drawing from international best practice including the acclaimed ‘totally locally’ initiative (UK) Stuart has devised a methodology for a process of community capacity building which has the potential to deliver the desired social, cultural, economic and environmental ‘wealth’ and governance mechanisms that underpin ‘place capital’.

The project has concluded with the delivery of stage one of a two-stage methodology in each pilot –an exercise which has revealed the ‘myriad’ of place making and place management risks and challenges that lie ahead.  Stuart will present the project’s finding thus far at the 7th International Urban Design Conference will be held at the InterContinental, Adelaide from Monday the 1st to Wednesday 3rd of September 2014.

Australian Urban Design Conference


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