Brisbane’s City Centre Master Plan

Brisbane’s city centre has experienced rapid growth with 30 new towers over the last 8 years. This is set to continue with demand for 800,000sqm of new office space and a doubling of residential units over the next 20 years. These development projections will also drive a doubling of bus trips and a tripling of pedestrian trips within the city centre.

This strong economic outlook along with the riverfront location and subtropical climate present fantastic opportunities for Brisbane’s future. The challenge for Brisbane is to harness this growth and capitalise on these natural assets to create the city of our dreams. Urban Renewal Brisbane (URB) recently completed the Brisbane’s new City Centre Master Plan 2013 (CCMP) to guide future development and investment to create Australia’s new World City. The new Master Plan sets out visionary directions and strategies that seek to transform the city’s economy, culture, architecture, public spaces and transport systems.

The Master Plan also sets out over 15 catalytic projects to be delivered over the next 20 years to underpin Brisbane’s growth and revitalise the city, including new riverfront precincts, major transport interventions, and cultural facilities.

Critical projects that will shape the future Brisbane’s city centre, include:

  • Expanding the city centre boundaries and increasing the development capacity
  • A ‘buildings that breathe’ approach to architecture
  • Creating a pedestrian heart and new riverfront precincts
  • Providing cultural clusters and a network of urban stages to host events • Future rail and busway projects that will underpin growth

David Cowan is the project manager for Brisbane’s City Centre Master Plan , and a team leader with Urban Renewal Brisbane (Brisbane City Council).  He presented at the International Urban Design Conference in 2013.

The 2014 International Urban Design Conference will be in Adelaide from Monday the 1st to Wednesday 3rd of September 2014.



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