International Urban Design Conference heads to Adelaide in 2014

North Trce, Adelaide

The 7th International Urban Design Conference will be held in Adelaide in 2014, with the host venue to be announced in October 2013.

Professor Laura Lee, Adelaide Thinker in Residence, published an An Integrated Design Strategy for South Australia — “Building the Future’ in 2010.

The report says in part “South Australia is known as ‘the world’s finest blend’ with a distinguished multicultural society. Using the metaphor of a apestry, South Australia’s threads of culture are woven as stories to express a diverse yet cohesive fabric. The power of the tapestry to create harmony arises from its unique capacity to unite its different parts so that each preserves its own identity and yet blends into the pattern of a single whole. Capturing the constellation of SA’s creative and innovative strengths, an Integrated Design Strategy will build the future of South Australia as both a State of the Arts and a State of Being.”

“South Australia has pockets of excellence and world-class innovative practices and programs in many domains. However, such efforts are disconnected and isolated, and therefore, do not have wide spread influence nor achieve necessary impact. Now is the time to evolve and leverage SA’s notable strengths through integrated design decision-making processes which enable individuals, communities, industry and government to engage in ‘holistic approaches’ for multiple long-term life-cycle benefits.”

The subsequent programs that have evolved under the stewardship of Ben Hewett, the South Australian Government Architect and Executive Director for the Integrated Design Commission SA, are world class, with lessons for other Australian and International Cities.

As a consequence the 2014 conference will take it’s theme from the “Building the Future” report.

In the words of  Buckminster Fuller, Engineer, Designer, Futurist (1895-1983)  – “The best way to predict the future is to design it.”

More details regarding the conference will be published in the coming weeks, while the “Book of Proceedings” from this year’s event will be published (ISBN) as an E-book on the 26th of September. It will be available from


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