Parramatta Green Grid

Green space is widely recognised as a key factor of liveability. While the reservation and development of green space has been a hallmark of planning world-wide, the focus of the Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney 2031 is predominantly on economic development, encompassing employment, housing, transport and connectivity between centres.

The Metropolitan Strategy predicts Parramatta to be the region’s fastest growing centre. As the second CBD in greater Sydney and with a focus on urban renewal, Parramatta will increasingly be characterised by medium and high density development. At the same time, the Strategy holds a vision for ‘balanced growth’, for Sydney to remain distinctive and inspiring and to continue to be one of the most liveable cities in the world.

Focusing on Parramatta, the Government Architect’s Office is currently investigating an open space framework to augment the Strategy, to provide open space for a growing population as well as the critical linkages required within major centres. The vision is to create an integrated network of interlinked, multi-purpose open spaces. It is through good and effective linkages to areas where people live, work and play that the benefits of green space are amplified beyond the immediate surroundings.

The challenge lies in balancing the competing demands for scarce land resources, between density and open space, between vibrant and active urban centres and access to recreation opportunities and ecosystem services. Moving beyond strategy, the framework puts policy into action. Investigating current and future deficiencies and opportunities, and working with a wide range of government stakeholders, the framework becomes an implementation plan that collaboratively and creatively delivers an appropriate quantum of quality, networked open spaces. It will ensure that future investments yield multiple benefits across areas such as public health, social sustainability, climate change mitigation, amenity, property values, leisure and recreation, ecological services and biodiversity conservation.

The 6th International Urban Design Conference welcomes Barbara Schaffer of Government Architects Office, NSW who will present this paper at the upcoming conference 9th-11th September at Novotel Sydney Olympic Park. Barbara Schaffer has been Principal Landscape Architect in the Government Architects Office since 2006. With over twenty years of professional experience Barbara has worked on a diverse range of projects in both the public and private realm. Projects include the delivery of the Parklands at Sydney Olympic Park, the West Circular Quay Public Domain Revitalisation, the Sydney Fish Market Public Domain Revitalisation and the Meeting Place Precinct at Kamay Botany Bay National Park.

Would you like to attend Barbara’s presentation?  If so, register to attend here.  Or attend any of the other multitude of sessions being delivered at this year’s event entitled “UrbanAgiNation” urbanisation | agitation | imagination examining the Liveability, Productivity, Affordability and Efficiency of our Cities.  You can see the entire program here.


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