Urban Water ToolKit: raising creeks and growing cities

6th International Urban Design Conference welcomes Dr Marci Webster-Mannison of the School of Architecture, University of Queensland, QLD who will be presenting at this event being held 9th to 11th of September 2013 at the Novotel Sydney Olympic Park.

Dr Webster-Mannison will investigate the use of an Urban Water Toolkit in the development of local infrastructure solutions in response to food production and energy, land, water supply pressures as part of a climate change adaptation strategy. The Urban Water ToolKit lays the groundwork for a new way of structuring cities with particular emphasis on raising urban creeks to create multifunctional ‘flood zones’ that provide opportunities for water management, wildlife habitat, transport, recreation and urban agriculture. The inner city Brisbane neighbourhoods situated in the historical catchment of Western Creek are the setting of pilot study demonstrates the application of the Urban Water ToolKit.

If you would like to attend this presentation or the entire 3 day 6th International Urban Design Conference, registrations are open now.  Click here to register!

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