The 6th International Urban Design Conference welcomes Mr Graham Chalcroft of VERTEBRAE presenting at this event being held 9th-11th September at the Novotel Sydney Olympic Park.

Mr Chalcroft will deliver a highly visual presentation demonstrating local and international case studies of art in the public domain addressed through the conference themes. It will include the integration of new digital augmented reality technology with physical innovative solutions of place activation and focus on how hidden artistic cultural layers and interpretation of a site can make the intangible tangible. There is a growing commitment by developers, councils and design professionals to engage artists and cultural planners as an integral part of urban design responsiveness.

URBANISATION – Creative’s are a connected community in constant dialogue through a global sharing of ideas, design, strategic development and planning outcomes. Never has there been such intense and open conversation. Urban design projects benefit from global knowledge applied to responses of local conditions of climate, sustainable technologies, economic development and demographic shifts.

AGITATION – Artists are the ultimate agitator, enquirer and boundary pusher. An artist can contribute a left of field idiosyncratic contextual and aesthetic approach separate to formal site responsiveness. This is manifested through research and intuitively questioning or bringing to the fore questions that require asking. Artists are increasingly the instigators or expressors of change within local communities yet are equally involved in top down engagement.

IMAGINATION – By default this creative engagement and collaboration can often produce experimentation through temporal and permanent artistic site interventions. With an increased trend in international science-art residency programs, artists have access to cutting edge innovations in science and technology. This skill and knowledge creates energetic and imaginative capacity to be positioned within urban environments. This art in the public domain projects are often a first show case of new materials, advances in renewable energy and sustainable principles and how these can be applied to future urban design elements.

Vertebrae, headed by award winning artist and designer Graham Chalcroft, is a multi-disciplinary practice that specialises in site specific artworks and place making in the public domain. This includes retail spaces, new community developments, and infrastructure and transport projects for natural and built environments.

If you would like to attend Mr Chalcroft’s presentation, registrations are still open for the 6th International Urban Design Conference. Clicker here to register. Or clicker here to see the entire program.


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