Parking infrastructure is often treated as a poor cousin to other infrastructure however it is very important for quality urban life. Every time people are asked about traffic in a town, village or city, the phrase ‘there is not enough parking’ comes up in almost all conversations. Retailers claim they suffer from lack of parking, people say they can’t shop without parking and we apparently can’t live without parking attached to each residence. This has a massive impact on the quality of our urban places. But how much parking is enough, who should pay for it and what influence does it have on the overall movement system are important questions. We have minimum parking rates for development, maximum parking rates for development, free parking, paid parking…we actually have a bit of a mess…and there are significant impacts on place, prosperity and vitality.

Mr Steven Burgess is an engineer and urban strategist with an extensive mix of public and private sector experience spanning more than 25 years. Mr Burgess will be presenting on some of the facts, myths and mysteries about parking and will look at some meaningful ways forward for quality urban places at the 6th International Urban Design Conference being held at the Novotel Sydney Olympic Park from Monday the 9th to Wednesday 11th of September 2013.


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