Enabling A Resilient Future – Spatial Political Economy and the Crucial Role of Place Management and Development in Knox

In the not too distant future Australian cities will exist as material evidence of the massive and at times, catastrophic re-birthing of the capital which currently underpins our economies. There is an increasing sense that those that control the capitalisation of energy, food and land will give way to those that control the capitalisation of technology, infrastructure and knowledge.

Accordingly, power will attempt to shift to ‘the local’ as domestic energy security, amongst others, becomes a reality. With this we will also see a de-coupling of local communities from the foundational grid of the industrial economy to become truly post-industrial. While this shift will bring many benefits, it also brings with it many challenges which will materialise nowhere more potently than in our cities.

We must innovate the economy (the cycle of production, distribution and consumption) to be dependent on this new hierarchy of emerging capital and in so doing ensure that the city exists as material evidence of this innovation, a task which by its very nature is spatial.

Grounded in the body of knowledge that constitutes ‘spatial political economy’ we must employ local ‘spatial investment and development programs’ to enable the re-production and re-accumulation of value in a way that prioritises the health of our planet and our society, and gives greater legitimacy to the intervention of local government in the generation of wealth.

Dr Ingo Kumic Knox City Council 

The 6th International Urban Design Conference will be held at the Novotel Sydney Olympic Park from Monday the 9th to Wednesday 11th of September 2013. 

The conference “UrbanAgiNation” urbanisation | agitation | imagination will examine the Liveability, Productivity, Affordability and Efficiency of our Cities.


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