The Whole Business of What Can and Should be Done

Our practice has prepared alternative designs for six nationally important infrastructure projects in New Zealand, worth a total value of NZ$1.5 billion. Three of these alternative designs have been implemented, two will likely be in the medium term and the sixth is under initial consideration. In each case, our projects’ conceptual thinking and environmental outcomes have differed fundamentally from the proposed developments, yet we have been able to convince relevant authorities, clients and affected communities of their soundness, affordability and achievability.

All these projects are sited within complex urban environments which include significant heritage buildings, city precincts and cultural landscapes. Each design is unique in respect of its contextual fit. Our solutions are deceptively simple and create space where none was perceived to exist. They also extend planning objectives identified for each project. In effect, we have been able to draw out the potential implied in the planning legislation and at the same time produce a surplus of social, environmental and economic opportunities, inspiring possible new directions for the sustainable evolvement of each city.

We believe our success with these projects and their long time-line vision will interest the conference. Richard Reid will discuss and illustrate the core spatial techniques and skills, and key strategic and tactical moves, needed to deliver them. The projects required a trans-disciplinary approach to infrastructure, architecture and landscape and through their whole of environment approach to citymaking, overturn the received place and conventional modes of engineering. Richard will conclude with discussion on the business and funding issues the practice faces working in an entrepreneurial way. 

Richard Reid, Director of Richard Reid & Associates Ltd.will be speaking at the 5th International Urban Design Conference – Hilton on the Park in Melbourne 10th – 12th September 2012

The FULL PROGRAM is now available on the conference website

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