Temporary Use, A tool for planning and developing the new urban context

What can temporary use do in urban planning? Temporary urban spaces and land uses are gaining more and more interest in the field of urban planning in both theory and praxis.

Temporary uses are often implemented on former industrial sites which hold great potential for the development and testing of new ideas. Temporary planning is less restricted and allows one to think more freely, maybe even to dare a little more?

It is also a way to test ideas out in full scale, before making permanent solutions. In praxis, the growing focus on the development potentials in temporary urban spaces has triggered increased political awareness and thereby ensured the subject of temporary uses a place as a future focus area in municipal planning. Temporary urban spaces are gaining ever more footing and acceptance on the political agenda as a result of their potential for creating eventful, cultural and creative urban environments.

This political focus on temporary urban space is an indication of general urban regulations and development tendencies characterized by cultural planning, leisure, economy, collaborative planning and an increased focus on everyday life. Particularly economic parameters related to leisure such as creativity, culture, urban life and experiences are highly prioritized on the interurban municipal agenda, with temporary uses as a concrete development tool.

An interesting dichotomy has also arisen between the use of temporary space as a tool for social planning by urban designers as opposed to the use of temporary space by politicians as a vehicle for economic gain through leisure spaces. Rasmus Frisk will focus on the phenomenon of Temporary Use as a city-political focus area now and in the future as well as the use of the temporary as a planning tool. Several case studies will be used to illustrate these topics.

Rasmus Frisk, Architect MAA and Urban Designer, Instructor at DIS, Architecture & Design and Co-founder of arki_lab in Copenhagen will be speaking at the 5th International Urban Design Conference – Hilton on the Park in Melbourne 10th – 12th September 2012

The FULL PROGRAM is now available on the conference website

E: conference@urbandesignaustralia.com.au   |  W:  http://urbandesignaustralia.com.au


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