Urban design matters in booming and shrinking cities: inspiration from the UK

5th International Urban Design ConferenceIn England from 2003-2009, the Sustainable Communities Plan directed over 1 billion pounds into areas of housing growth in the South of England and to areas of ‘low market demand’ in the northern towns and cities. Dedicated agencies developed strategies and projects to aid growth or manage decline.

The Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) worked with these agencies to support high quality sub-regional spatial strategies as well as demonstrator projects, in the belief that high quality urban design was fundamental to the repositioning of these places and their markets, but most importantly to improve the quality of life of the existing and new communities.

Emma’s presentation draws from CABE’s engagement in the renewal and growth contexts of England which was captured in documents ‘Creating Successful Neighbourhoods’ and ‘ Getting the big picture right: a guide to large scale urban design’. Through inspiring case studies, lessons will be shared for market renewal and housing growth. Emma will include examples of opportunistic urban design, such as temporary use of public space in East Lancashire, but also describe projects in Sheffield that had staged and planned delivery over many years.

Emma will interrogate the relevance of these lessons to the Australian context and make the case that while the underlying drivers and conditions may have been different, the approaches to lead and effect change can be transferred, to help Australia position itself as towns and cities experience growth and decline.

Ms Emma Appleton, Director, Victorian Design Review Panel, Office of the Victorian Government Architect, VIC will speak at the 5th International Urban Design Conference – The Hilton on the Park, Melbourne, Australia from the 10th to the 12th of September – 2012

Email: conference@urbandesignaustralia.com.au | URL: http://urbandesignaustralia.com.au


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