Australia To Cooperate With Indonesia In Urban Development

JAKARTA, July 6 (Bernama) — The State Government of Victoria, Australia, has expressed its interest to cooperate with Indonesia in urban infrastructure development, Indonesia’s ANTARA news agency reported.

“We hope to be able to work with the Indonesian government in developing the concept of sustainable urban design for improved urban living conditions,” said James Myers, the Australian Trade Director for Asean Cooperation, in a press release.

“Victoria has successfully developed the concept of sustainable urban design by employing about 350,000 workers. It has become the largest sector of the state,” he added.

Myers said the state would share its expertise not only in green building technology, but also in engineering and architecture.

“In a short time, we hope to work together with other developing countries, such as Indonesia,” he said, adding that the State Government of Victoria would also cooperate with China, Middle Eastern countries and Latin America.

“Some Indonesian and Southeast Asian investors have already bought two to three per cent stake in the Apartment V project in Sydney, Australia,” Myers noted.

“I hope it can increase to between 10 and 15 per cent in the future,” said Iwan Sunito, the CEO of Crown Group property company, here on June 28.

Iwan stated that the apartment’s ‘vertical village’ concept cost about A$300 million (US$308.12 million) and the project was officially launched in Australia last week.

“The apartment is an appropriate investment option in the light of Australia’s stable economic condition,” he explained.

Iwan said the demand for housing in Sydney was increasing, but there were not enough apartments that offered environmentally sustainable design at a reasonable price.


W: Urban Design Australia


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