4th International Urban Design Conference 2011

The 4th International Urban Design Conference 2011
21st to 23rd of September, Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort and Spa, Queensland

Full program now available on the conference website

Resilient Cities will need to address density, flexibility, and diversity in building types, and public spaces.

Our cities will need to engage communities by encouraging walkable streets that are supported by innovative and energy efficient public transport.

Resilient Cities protect and enhance their natural and urban resources while managing the impact of climate change and population growth. This also translates to promoting the local economy, resources and products.

Our cities’ infrastructure, transport, construction, and communication systems must evolve to become more adept at being energy efficient and carbon neutral, to reduce the impact of climate change, adverse weather conditions and rising sea levels.

Resilient Cities need to have effective measures in place to mitigate natural disasters and implement effective recovery plans.

Our cities need to recognise the need for flexible urban growth to create resilient vibrant communities, which also promote a city’s sense of place through the retention of cultural and historical markers unique to each locality.

Resilient Cities will do all this while absorbing the impact of rapidly increasing populations.


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