Building the World’s first 100% Sustainable Global Infrastructure

We are on the brink of a mandatory paradigm shift in everything we do, provoked by the imminent disappearance of petroleum and the requirement that we slow and reverse global climate change! We must convert from petroleum to 100% sustainable and renewable energy sources, starting with our cities, which will rapidly die without the food sourced by the 95% petroleum inputs that our current system requires! Why not consider linear cities that provide a far greater perimeter than our roughly circular cities, which have the minimum that is mathematically possible. These differences are compounded when you stack floors on top of each other to create vertical cities, which become impossible when all their inhabitants must walk into fields to grow their own crops because there is no more petroleum to produce the food and bring it to where people can eat it! Linear Cities can be built at right angles to prevailing wind directions, where everyone can walk into fields to grow their own food, and to supply those who are still stuck in existing cities, and towers! They can both power, and be supplied by high-, medium and low-speed speed rail, which are the only form of transportation outside of ships and electric vehicles that can be driven by wind, and which use only about 1/3 of the energy/passenger mile of cars and aircraft. Wind turbines along the top edge of the north to south linear city capture the energy of the wind that has accelerated as it passes over its 3 – 5 stories. Our current motorways can be used to deliver building materials to the cities just alongside them, and we can start by installing conventional wind turbines first, followed by both high-speed rail and a “high temperature” superconducting induction track/grid in the roadway to drive electric vehicles.

Mr Kim Gyr, Green Millennium, United States of America
4th International Urban Design Conference – 22 – 23 September 2011


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