Local Ecommerce & the Shape of Places

2011 may be remembered for some dramatic natural disasters and their impacts on our urban environments but, another tipping point is underway that may well be even more dramatic as it provides a ‘once in a generational’ opportunity to transform regional settlements.

Local Ecommerce has arrived and it is driven by the passionate embrace of all consumers (city & bush) of purchasing goods and services over the internet.

The remarkable and unheralded penetration of smart phones and social media has created a new consumer force that is reshaping the sustainability of urban communities. This is a verdant expression of the new power of consumers as we move from a transactional economy to one of relationships and reputation. Businesses who miss this trend will fail and urban design that ignores this shift will provide urban form that is irrelevant to the future and condemn communities to economic and social decline.

This paper will draw from current practice to explore and reveal the latest insights to how urban design needs to respond and shape places to nurture a new economy based on knowledge and experience.

Robert Prestipino,Director, Vital Places
The 4th International Urban Design Conference 2011Resilience in Urban Design
22nd and 23rd of September, Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort and Spa, Queensland


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