Designing – Sustainable Precincts

Mr Mark Allan

Sustainable Precincts of the future – what might look like?

This presentation will explore current projects and actions addressing ‘how we might plan and design sustainable precincts within cities that are truly self-sufficient in energy, waste, water, health, employment, culture, transport and food’.

Australian cities enjoy a high level of ‘liveability’ based on massive levels of consumption of goods and resources, including land. This significantly impacts on our future, not only the built and natural environments, but indeed the entire planet. Although some in-roads have been made towards improving the sustainability of our built environment, we are living beyond our means. Maintaining liveability, promoting commerce, employment, recreation, education, and health, whilst at the same time reducing consumption, is central to sustainable city futures.

Think more broadly – upscale the rewards
The Australian property industry has shown leadership in the development and delivery of green buildings, particularly in the commercial office sector, with an on-going legacy for city centres. Utilising the expertise associated with individual green buildings and applying these on a broader precinct-wide scale offers opportunities to upscale returns and to increase the benefits of greening the built environment.

Multi-centre metropolises
A cohesive future for Australian cities relies upon planning and urban design strategies which develop solutions for a low carbon future. Managing urban change processes to promote competitiveness, efficiency and diversity is key; as is implementing new approaches to planning and urban design, promoting a mix of uses, higher density, walkability, and access to local jobs and services; embracing technological innovation to promote changes in community behaviour.

In the context on the current debate about Australian’s rapid urbanisation; this presentation will review successful approaches in central Melbourne including Docklands and the potential of sustainable precincts to create places that are liveable, economically, socially and environmentally efficient – places for communities of character and resilience.

Mr Mark Allan
Assocaite Director
Billard Leece Partnership Architects, Melbourne

4th International Urban Design Conference September 2011


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