Cities of the Future – Creating Connected Communities

Giovanni Cirillo

 The NSW Department of Planning has recently released its updated Metropolitan Plan 2010 which sets the government’s policy direction for accommodating a growing population in metropolitan Sydney, over the next 30 years, which equates to 770,000 additional homes needed by 2036.  Sydney’s central challenge is to grow sustainably – improve social and economic outcomes while protecting our natural environment and containing the urban footprint. 

The way our city functions and grows into the future will occur differently to how it has occurred before.  At least 80% of all new homes will be within walking distance of existing and planned centres of all sizes with good public transport.

The conference session will focus and expand on how we can achieve sustainable population growth that can enhance existing areas and build greater connections for communities through urban renewal, tools and its benefits and will further consider:

  • A new way of thinking in terms of how we live, where we live and how we move around;
  • The benefits of creating connected communities that are within close proximity to infrastructure, and that enhance liveability for existing and new residents;
  • New mechanisms recently implemented by government to create a specific urban renewal planning policy and a specific renewal development authority; and

How can government effectively connect with community about urban renewal?

Giovanni Cirillo – Executive Director of Urban Renewal and Major Sites at the NSW Department of Planning

International Urban Design Conference 2011, September, Gold Coast


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