The “Biophilic City” – Can it improve economic prosperity?

Mr Darren Bilsborough
Parsons Brinckerhoff

Fittingly, 2010 is the International Year on Biodiversity and increasing biodiversity within our urban settlements is a cornerstone for the vision of a Biophilic city. The Biophilic City is a vision for a city and hence a society that lives much more in harmony with nature.

This paper will discuss the proposition that it is possible to reshape our cities in a manner which can be described as “living in harmony with nature” whilst also retaining our current politics of capitalism, consumerism and our modern notions of living standards. In fact, it will be argued that it is economically advantageous for a community to embrace the ideologies of the Biophilic City concept and that those cities which put in place the policy levers to transition their societies first, will position themselves for future economic prosperity in preference to their neighbours…more


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