from GREY to GREEN

Urban Landscapes/Green Infrastructure

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects has partnered with the organisers of the 3rd International Urban Design Conference for this concurrent.

The title, Grey to Green – Urban Design/Green Infrastructure reflects the current priorities for the profession as well as align with similar policy moves overseas – such as by CABE in the UK.

This conference session is focused around issues of urban landscape, principally:

◦ how we provide for essential life-supporting landscape capacity within our existing and future built environments, in the context of local, national & global sustainable settlement imperatives.

◦ the role and performance of landscape in relation to the social, environmental and economic outcomes of urban design,

◦ the role and potential of landscape-based strategies to value-add to climate adaptation solutions, particularly in relation to broader sustainability objectives.

The term ‘green infrastructure’ describes the network of natural landscape assets which underpin the economic, socio-cultural and environmental functionality of our cities and towns – i.e. the green spaces and water systems which intersperse, connect and provide vital life support for humans and other species within our urban environments.

Paul Costigan
Executive Director
Australian Institute of Landscape Architects


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